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Capital Partners Securities


Overview Capital Partners Securities Co., Ltd.
Registration Number Registered with the Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance No.62
President Takehiko Kutsuzawa
Headquarters & Tokyo Office Shikoku Building, 1-13-7 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047
Tel: 81-3-3518-9300 Fax: 81-3-5259-7331
Osaka Branch Office River Point Kitahama Building, 1-3-14, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041
Tel: 81-6-6232-8370 Fax: 81-6-4707-6677
Fukuoka Branch Office KDC Fukuoka Building, 5-5-13 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 810-0801
Tel: 81-92-272-0873 Fax: 81-92-272-0876
Date of Establishment December 27, 1999
Capital JPY 1 billion
Number of Employees 78(as of April 1, 2020)
Association ・A member of Japan Securities Dealers Association
・A member of Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association
Investor Protection A member of Japan Investors Protection Foundation
Auditor Audit Corporation Godai
Attorney Hashidate Law Office

Credo of Capital Partners Securities

【Value creation with Point of Difference】

We are dedicated to provide innovative financial solutions to our valued clients.

【Pride of professionals】

We are pursuing utmost professionalism with passion and alert mind.

【Happy smiles to clients' face】

We always think from clients’ perspective and strive for creating maximal satisfaction to our clients.

Message from President

One of the strengths of Capital Partners Securities (CPS) is our solid international network that enables us to provide a globally diversified investment.

We at CPS have been developing businesses in the Asian region for about 20 years. Based on the cooperation with local partners and companies and making full use of our research capabilities built on our distinctive network, we provide our clients with prospective investment opportunities in Asia.

While taking advantage of these strengths, we will always think from the perspective of clients and conduct our business having customer-oriented business operations in mind. We have three basic credos that all officers and employees are expected to follow, i.e., "Value creation with point of difference”, "Pride of professionals" and "Happy smiles on clients’ face". In line with such corporate philosophy, the whole staff of CPS are fully committed to making every endeavor to maximize customers satisfaction.

As we move forward, your continued cooperation and steadfast support would be much appreciated.

Takehiko Kutsuzawa
President & Representative Director
Capital Partners Securities Co., Ltd.

Company Officers

Corporate Executive Officers / Auditors

As of April 1, 2022

Kunihiko Shimoda
After working for Daiwa Securities, Credit Lyonnais Securities Tokyo and UFJ Partners Investment Trust, he joined Capital Partners as Deputy General Manager of Equity Department in September 2004. He became Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Product Department in October 2015, followed by Director from June 2016 and President from Jun 2019.
Keio Univercity, Bachelor of Economics
Motoyuki Samejima
After working for Mitsui Taiyo-Kobe Bank, he joined Capital Partners in June 2008. Having served as General Manager of Corporate Planning Dept., General Manager of Controller Dept., and Auditor of Capital Asset Management, Mr. Samejima became Executive Officer of Capital Partners in April 2019, and Director in March 2020. He is currently Head of Corporate Management Division and General Manager of Controller Dept.
Keio Univercity, Bachelor of Economics
Shuichi Sakamoto
After Nomura Securities and Nomura Trust and Banking, Mr. Sakamoto joined Capital Partners Securities in October 2015. Having served as General Manager of Human Resources Dept. at CPS and as General Manager of Group Human Resources Dept. at Capital Financial Holdings, he was appointed as Director of CPS in April 2022.
Keio Univercity, Bachelor of Economics
Toshiyuki Fujita
Mitsui Trust Banking Corporation, New York branch, Head of Sydney Representative Office and Director of Australia Mitsui Finance, Manager of International Finance Department, Auditor of Prudential Financial Advisers Securities, Auditor of Merrill Lynch in 2006, he joined Capital Partners as Auditor in 2019.
Keio University, Bachelor of Commerce
Masazumi Kobayashi
He joined Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd. and served Branch Manager of Kodenma Branch and Kyoto Station Mae Branch. He became Director of Nomura Satellite in 1995 and Secretary General of Nomura International Cultural Foundation in 2005. He joined Capital Partners Securities Co., Ltd. in April 2016 and served Auditor of CAM,Executive Director of Foundation of Japan-Vietnam Cultural Association. He became Auditor of Capital Partners Securities Co.,Ltd in June 2020.
Keio University, Bachelor of Commerce

Executive Officers

As of April 1, 2022

Senior Managing Executive Officer
Hiroshi Nagami
Head of Portfolio Sales Division
Executive Officer
Kiyomitsu Shinozaki
General Manager of Portfolio Sales Department 2 Portfolio Sales Division
Executive Officer
Masao Okahashi
Head of Product Division, General Manager of Equity Department
Executive Officer
Toshitaka Kawai
General Manager of Compliance Department
Executive Officer
Mitsugu Saito
Head of Alternative Investment Division, General Manager of Product Development Department
Executive Officer
Wakana Shimoda
Deputy Head of Alternative Investment Division, Deputy Head of Hedge Fund Department

Corporate History

October 2018 CPS and Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. established a joint holding company (named Capital Financial Holdings, Ltd.) by way of Joint Share Transfer.
February 2016 The head office was relocated to 1-13-7 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
August 2014 CPS's capital was reduced to JPY 1billion.
December 2012 CPS's captal was increased to JPY 2.95 billion through a third-party allotment.
September 2012 Merchant Banking Division was moved to 3-13-11 Nihonbashi, and Securities Business Division was moved to 1-13-7 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku.
March 2012 Aiming to strengthen each business division, two business divisions were formed, i.e. Merchant Banking Division specialized in M&As and Securities Business Division dealing with securities brokerage businesses.
November 2011 CPS purchased additional stocks of Capital Partners Vietnam Consulting and made it a local subsidiary.
October 2010 CPS purchased the shares of Capital Partners Vietnam Consulting.
February 2010 Capital Partners Asset Management merged with and Plaza Capital Management, and the new company was named as Capital Asset Management.
January 2010 CPS joined Global Alliance Partners as the only Japanese member.
October 2009 CPS purchased Plaza Capital Management and made it its wholly owned subsidiary.
October 2009 The name of Humint Asset Management was changed to Capital Partners Asset Management.
August 2009 CPS's capital was reduced to 2.85 billion.
July 2009 CPS purchased Humint Asset Management and made it its wholly owned subsidiary.
June 2009 CPS acquired a license to be an agent for SECOM and began dealing with cancer insurance.
October 2008 CPS acquired a license to be an agent for Aioi Insurance and started to deal with comprehensive health insurance with a care protection rider called "Care-Best with lump-sum payments".
June 2008 CPS started to handle individual stocks listed in the Vietnam’s markets.
September 2007 A branch office was opened in Fukuoka.
August 2007 A branch office was opened in Osaka.
December 2004 CPS's capital was increased to JPY 4.75 billion through a third-party allotment.
November 2003 The head office was relocated to 3-2-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
May 2003 Capital Partner Holdings Co., Ltd. acquired 100% shares of Prudential Financial Advisors Securities Co. Ltd. from U.S. Prudential Financial. The corporate name was changed to Capital Partners Securities Co., Ltd., and become operational under the new management.


As of January 1, 2022

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 Group Companies

Group companies
Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. (CAM)
Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. (CAM)
CAM’s investment products launched include, among others, the following: “Vietnam Growth Stock Income Fund” which is a fund investing in stocks of emerging markets exhibiting robust economic growth, “World Tourism Equity Fund” which focuses on traveling and tourism where amid the coronavirus pandemic a rapid reversal is anticipated in the months ahead, and “CAM ESG JAPAN Fund” which is the first publicly offered ESG fund in the investment trust industry. We will make every endeavor to continue providing attractive high-quality products that would be instrumental to asset accumulation of our clients.
Capitalasia Investment Co., Ltd. (CAI)
Capitalasia Investment Co., Ltd. (CAI)
CAI provides cross-border M&A services, with its representative acting as a member in Japan for Global Alliance Partners which has abundant experience and track record, mainly in the Asian region including China and Vietnam. Furthermore, we have been introducing real estates in Vietnam and acting as an intermediary for domestic and overseas properties.
Capital Financial Advisors Co., Ltd. (CFA)
Capital Financial Advisors Co., Ltd. (CFA)
In November 2021, our firm has completed registration as a financial instruments intermediary service provider and commenced business operations. Individual financial assets biased toward bank deposits and insurance are considered as a structure that is extremely vulnerable to the risk of inflation in the days ahead. In association with independent financial advisors (IFA) throughout the country, we are determined to lead the times of a flight from savings to investment.
Capital Partners Vietnam Consulting Company Limited
Capital Partners Vietnam Consulting Company Limited (CPVN)
CPVN is a Vietnam-incorporated affiliate of the CFH group. A Vietnamese national who graduated from Hitotsubashi University has been serving as President for more than twelve years. Under his leadership, it is operated with eight local staff who are all fluent in Japanese and English. They are engaged in research activities on the Vietnamese economy, real estates and listed companies as well as in consulting businesses for Japanese companies.
Global Alliance PARTNER
Global Alliance Partners (GAP)
Incorporated in 2008 in Hong Kong, GAP is a global M&A network comprised of investment banks from fourteen countries. Its objective includes various advisory services such as cross-border M&A, private equities and fund raising for corporates. The representative of the Group is the founding member of GAP and is concurrently serving as its Director.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Capital Partners recognize the importance of cultural exchanges between emerging countries and Japan, and we have been supporting the activities of the Japan Vietnam Cultural Association (JVCA).

Japan Vietnam Cultural Association