Each corporate client has a different business, objective, company size, etc. We at Capital Partners Securities are strategically positioned to offer optimum advice and financial solutions suitable for our clients, aiming to be a reliable partner regarding our clients’ “capital“ which includes cash, stocks and assets.

M&A Advisory Services

Our M&A Advisory Service Group mainly consists of members from domestic and international investment banks, and it has been utilizing their abundant experiences, achievements, and networks for their strategic cross-border M&A advisory services around the Asian region including China and Vietnam.


Utilizing our network built independently, we have been working on M&A transactions between Japan and China. In December 2011, we were retained as an advisor for a Chinese state enterprise regarding its investment in a Japanese corporation which filed for an application under the Civil Rehabilitation Law.


We have been engaged in M&A activities between Japan and Vietnam by collaborating with Capital Partners Vietnam Consulting (CPVN) which is a CPS’s subsidiary in Vietnam.

Global Alliance Partners

Global Alliance Partners (GAP) is a global network organization and an advisory firm consisting of investment banks from 11 countries worldwide, which aims to meet their clients’ needs by utilizing each network and expertise for advisory services regarding cross-border M&A deals, private equity deals, and corporate finance deals. CPS is the only member of GAP in Japan, and we have been working on cross-border M&A deals and corporate finance deals by collaborating with GAP.

Asset Management Services

By considering characteristics of surplus funds and fiscal conditions of clients, we offer accurate investment advice and financial products which meet our clients’ needs, such as alternative investments with cash and treasury bonds, and proactive investments while taking a certain degree of risks.

For institutional investors, we, as an independent firm, offer asset management advice, including proposals of highly advanced financial products such as hedge funds, and advisory services of product research and product structuring.

Real Estate Services

We not only support sales of our clients’ properties, but also contribute to their businesses by utilizing a full advantage of our network, including searching real estates meeting their needs and an effective use of unused lands, etc. In addition, we offer the latest business information of the Southeast Asia which has recently been receiving much attention.

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